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Locker Room Policy


As we begin to gear up for the busy season of Cyclones home games at Sky Rink we are going to need the assistance of team managers and locker room supervisors in order to ensure that the flow of players, teams, and equipment is as smooth as possible.  As you may or not be aware, from 7:00am to 5:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays is back-to-back home games or practices for the Cyclones organization.
- Developing a consistent locker room assignment pattern for both home and away teams
-  Locker room assignments will be posted to the schedule monitors in the rinks.  All front locker rooms for away teams are equipped with operational and locking doors for entry and bathrooms
- Team Managers should notify the away team manager when confirming games to look for the locker rooms  on the monitor and get the key from the front desk
- Both Cyclones teams and away teams must have a certified team representative in the locker room at all times.

Cyclones teams will be using the East Rink Rangers and Bruins locker rooms throughout the season, and we ask that the teams when done getting dressed for the games to please zip their bags up and place them on top of the metal lockers.  This provides a clean and organized space both for Sky Rink cleaning staff to keep the spaces looking nice throughout the day along with providing locker customers their space to get dressed for adult games or rentals that may be before, during, or after Cyclones games.

For Practices during the week, "ALL" Cyclones teams and players must get dressed in one of the front locker rooms (Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Blackhawks, or Red Wings).

Locker Rooms: Monitoring and Supervision

USA Hockey / NYSAHA SafeSport Policy mandates that all association volunteers / coaches (over the age of 18) who have regular, routine or frequent access to youth participants within your association, must be screened prior to these volunteers having such access. All Team managers and Tournament Coordinators must complete the following: Register with USA Hockey as a Volunteer for the new season. Screened with NYSAHA for this season. NYSAHA Screening/Safesport Policy. SafeSport Training Volunteers / coaches must email their respective Report Confirmation Number to as proof that they have been screened before they can participate in our program.